Chris Lang
Chris Lang
Portrayed by Andrew Ryan in the films





Books in (Alive)

Tomorrow, When The War Began, The Dead Of Night

Closest Friends

Ellie Linton, Homer Yannos, Corrie Mackenzie, Kevin Holmes, Fiona Maxwell, Lee Takkam, Robyn Mathers


Mr Lang, Mrs Lang, John Wick, Spongebob, Harambe, Ninja, jeff, reggie

Book/Movie Of Death

The Dead Of Night

Cause Of Death

got shot in the head with a blue pump by a default skin



Full name

Chris Ligma Lang

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No information

Your MUMS your DAD. Eventually his depression and unwillingness to engage defeats all other efforts. Chris is a lesson, a lesson in love and commitment and a reflection of potential lost. he cums to platypus mating calls as he moans in pleasure he flosses his cock with barb wire as he receives anal from Shrek. Chris loves to stalk little girls will eating boiled eggs before he penetrates their eye sockets with his big stank boner.

Chris was a stoner with a big boner and was always on alcohol. He gets aroused over ponies because the horn is so hard like your mum. he also strokes his dick to your nan's funeral photos and fucks 10 year olds tight assholes in his mums basement he penetrates there asses and fills them with cum ass he thinks of ms Barlsey in agony It is mentioned numerous times in the second book when Ellie always notices he is drunk by the smell of his breath and the way he acts.

Chris's untimely and uncalled for death didn't seem to affect the group near as much as the deaths of Corrie and Robyn, because it was so avoidable, and no one in the group was quite as close to Chris. However, Ellie (who after meeting the side of chris that surfaced itself in the war, really wished she had fucked him instead) couldn't help but feel horrible, because ever since Chris had joined them, she had given him crap and wasn't the nicest she could have been towards him. Chris likes to hit the bong regularly just to feel chilled out! It was said that you could tell he didn't die instantly, but crawled for a days and tried to claw, or even write poetry. His death is what finally broke Robyn. Ellie states that it was a shame for him to die for something so pointless.