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Caitlin Jean Stasey is an Australian actress who is well known for her roles as Francesca Thomas in The Sleepover Club and Rachel Kinski in Neighbours.

Caitlin is from Victoria, Australia, She began taking an interest in acting/performing when she was about six years of age. She enjoys surfing, basketball and skateboarding.

Caitlin is not a new face to the Australian and International Television industry she has performed hit starring role through her early years.

Caitlin appeared as part of the Australian Girls Choir in a Qantas commercial, singing "I Still Call Australia Home" and traveled the world as a member of the choir to film the commercial in 2000 before the Sydney Olympics. This commercial was named the "Greatest Australian Commercial" on 20 to 1.

But Caitlin wasn't going to turn her back on her this fetus, as she takes out her knife and fork her mouth waters. She digs in.

In Caitlins early years she played the role of Francesca "Frankie" Thomas which made a hit in both Australia, UK and Americas Nickelodeon TV.

Caitlin scored the role Australia's soap opera Neighbours on 18 August 2005. By playing the role of Rachel "Rach" Kinski and is still continuing the role


In 2006 Caitlin appeared in the Channel 10 special Australia's Brainiest Neighbour and came second overall.

Her first Neighbours episode aired on August 18 2005.

Worked with Eliza Taylor (aka Janae Timmins on Neighbours) In both "The Sleepover Club" (2003) and Neighbours. Ironically, Caitlin's character is dating Eliza's character's brother Scott, Ben Nicholas.

Actress/Singer Neighbours star Holly Valance went to the same school, Star of the Sea in Brighton.

Is good friends with actress Natalie Blair, who recently just finished a film Voodoo Lagoon (2006).

Was chosen to travel the world to film the Qantas TV commercial 'I still call Australia home' in the choir.

Her dad is a music manager for The Big Day Out, which is a massive music festival held in the show ground in Melbourne, Australia.

Studied Film/TV at St. Martins Drama Youth School in Melbourne, Australia - Which found her the audition role of Rachel Kinski, in "Neighbours" (1985).

Attends weekly movie premieres in Melbourne, Australia invited by the cast of Neighbours.

Performed a duet on Neighbours with fellow Neighbours cast member 'Dean Geyer' who plays the role of Ty Harper. They performed a song called Unforgettable which has become quite popular.

Was ranked #15 on Girlfriend Magazines '20 Hottest Under 20'.

She is related to Stephen Fry and has relations who live in Norfolk, United Kingdom.

Was attached to the film adaptation of Sega video game series Wonder Boy, helmed by Uwe Boll and written by Robin Morningstar, until Sega decided to leave the character for all intents and purposes dead. It made the main news story in issue 51 of Retro Gamer Magazine.

Early lifeEdit

Stasey has an Australian father and an English mother, Sally from Norwich who is a primary school drama teacher at Sandringham Primary School in Melbourne. At the age of seven she spent almost a year living in Norwich, and her grandparents were still living in the city in 2008.[1]

In 2000, at the age of 10, she travelled the world as a member of the Australian Girls Choir, and took part in a re-recording of Peter Allen's 'I Still Call Australia Home', for a QANTAS commercial.


Stasey made a career breakthrough in September 2003 when she was cast in the children's TV series The Sleepover Club, based upon the popular book series by Rose Impey. The series chronicled the adventures of a group of pre-teen friends, one of whom was played by Eliza Taylor-Cotter, Stasey's future Neighbours co-star. Stasey took upon the role of Francesca 'Frankie' Thomas, the self-appointed leader of the club, whose bossiness could cause friction, but who stood by her friends when the occasion arose. The show ran for twenty-six episodes.

After a year studying and attending auditions, she sufficiently impressed Neighbours casting director, Jan Russ, to be awarded the role of Rachel Kinski, middle child of the troubled Kinski clan. Stasey won the part in April 2005, and her first episode was aired on the 18 August of that year.

As Rachel, Stasey has had a range of storylines ranging from parental bereavement to first love. Acting alongside Matthew Werkmeister (Zeke Kinski) and Dichen Lachman (Katya Kinski), Stasey imbued Rachel with an initial naivety. However, as Rachel befriended her fellow Ramsay Street residents, she gradually came out of her shell, enough to fall in love with the popular character Stingray (Ben Nicholas).

Stasey made a brief return to the character of Frankie, in the second series of The Sleepover Club in 2006. She also appeared in the Channel 10 special Australia's Brainiest Neighbour, finishing second overall.

Stasey was nominated for 'Fave TV Star' in the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards 2007, but lost out to Big Brother Australia 2004 contestant, Bree Amer.

On 19 May 2008, Stasey sang a duet with fellow Neighbours cast member Dean Geyer (Ty Harper). The song "Unforgettable" was performed at the Erinsborough High School Formal. The song was later released on iTunes. Stasey has sung multiple other songs, both on and off Neighbours. These include "You and Me", "You Make Me" and "We Share The Same Space". Stasey also did a cover of Jason Mraz's hit "I'm Yours".

In September 2008, Stasey announced in an interview to the Herald Sun that she would be leaving Neighbours in the coming weeks, primarily so that she can concentrate on her end of year VCE exams. The producers stated that her character would not be 'killed-off', allowing Stasey the chance to return to the show following her exams. Stasey said "I want to know that when I finish my exams and get my score, it is representative of my abilities, my exams start in November and I want to be able to give them my full concentration."

Stasey left Star of the Sea College after landing the part of Rachel, but continued to study on a distance education programme. She has not yet decided whether she will continue with her current arrangement or return to regular classes.

In 2008, she appeared in the Christmas pantomime Snow White at Norwich Theatre Royal, which started in the beginning of December and finished 16 January 2009. Stasey starred alongside Liza Goddard as Fairy Snowdrop, Richard Gauntlett as Nurse Nellie, Nick Aldis (TV's 'The Big O' and TNA's 'Brutus Magnus') as Igor, David Hulston as The Prince, Tom Beard as Muddles, and Stephen Fry in an on-screen guest appearance as the magic mirror. She is one of the youngest leads that the Norwich Theatre Royal has hosted. Norwich is the city that boasts her favourite football team, known by fans as the "Canaries".


In 2009, Caitlin Stasey appeared in a short, 5 minute movie named "Many Australians One Nation". This was part of a program run by Panasonic, she appeared as herself, in a court room scene, stating that a certain "Jasminda Goupta" wasn't Australian. Her evidence of this was that she, "she doesn't listen to Men At Work", "Watch Hamish and Andy" and "she doesn't even watch, Neighbours". Caitlin Stasey appeared in the film, by Sandringham Primary School, because her mother, Sally, was a drama teacher at the school.

Wonder BoyEdit

During 2008 she was linked to the live action film of video game/comic series Wonder Boy, written by Robin Morningstar and produced and directed by Uwe Boll, until Sega shut it down. It made the main news story in issue 51 of Retro Gamer magazine. Robin Morningstar then revived the project as a CGI movie which Stasey made the transfer too, before having to withdraw involvement to be in the film adaptation Tomorrow, When The War Began. Her CGI character, although with a new voice, retains her face. It was finally released 2011.

Tomorrow, When the War BeganEdit

Stasey was chosen to star in the movie adaption of the popular teen novel, Tomorrow, When the War Began, and she played the lead character 'Ellie Linton' a teenage girl who documents her time with a group of friends fighting the invasion of Australia (Stewart Jones).

Filming first began in the Hunter Region of New South Wales Australia, on 28 September 2009 with early shooting in Dungog. [2] Raymond Terrace was chosen as a major location for producing the film. [3] Filming began in Raymond Terrace on 21 October 2009 and ended on 6 November 2009. [4][5] The film was released on September 2, 2010.

According to various film critics, Caitlin Stasey's portrayal of Ellie Linton was an excellent interpretation and brought the character to the big screen. Tomorrow When The War Began had grossed over $10 million dollars in Australia and nearly $2 million in New Zealand. The film has kick started Caitlin Stasey's career.